I Made A Youtube Channel! (And you should subscribe too it)

youtube.pngHey person reading this! Guess what?

Livin’ The Crohn’s Life is now on YouTube!

And you should totally subscribe to my channel. Unless you hate me. No, you should subscribe anyway. Wanna know why? Keep reading! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.)

Sorry to all my superfans out there (I know you’re there…somewhere), but I’m not trying to become famous. I’m not trying to be “liked” and “thumbs-upped” by everyone with a wifi connection. I’m not trying to get attention, too look cool, or too rake in cash from Google Adsense. Because even though that $0.00001 per 10,000 views is really tempting (if I even qualified), that’s not why I do what I do. If you can read that last sentence without tripping over the words, you are awesome. If you couldn’t, you’re awesome too. You just suck at reading. Just kidding! (Sort of…) 

Now if you aren’t like me and can actually pay attention to the same topic for more than 42.57 seconds (anything over that and I’m already thinking about Lucky Charms, or Cocoa Pebbles, or Captain Crunch…did I mention I like cereal? I like cereal!), you’re probably still wondering why I created a YouTube channel when I already have this whole website to manage.

Aaaanyway, why, exactly did I make a YouTube channel to get buried under millions of other channels of people who actually do cool stuff like melt iPhone 7s and show people what they ate for breakfast on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2015? 

To post videos! (Now is the time for you to look startled and say, “wowwwww. That’s amaaaaazing.”)

Yep, you guessed it! (or at least you should have). I made a YouTube channel to post videos. Of myself talking about the crohn’s life. Not as cool as burning titanium, but hey, I’m trying. 

Seriously, though, I am posting videos for a reason. I’m writing this at 11:17 p.m. for a reason (sorry mom). And like I said above, it’s not to be liked, to be cool, or to make money.

It’s to be there. 

I want to create resources for kids, and teens, and adults who struggle with the same things I struggle with. And I don’t want these resources to scare them and make them think that life with IBD sucks (you can read that post here). 

Sure, you can argue that there are already hundreds of IBD videos out there. But while those videos titled “Crohn’s 101” narrated by depressed robots are great for acing a biology exam, they do nothing to improve the quality of life for those who actually live with IBD. 

And yes, there are so many other amazing people who are making the very videos I want to create. But guess what? Most of them aren’t kids! 

I have experienced first hand the impact a video can make on someone. It’s kinda scary (in a good way) how watching a face talk for 5-10 minutes can make you feel so much less alone, and so much more accepting of your circumstances. And now, after I have used those videos to make myself feel good, I felt it was only fair that I did my part. So I’m going to make my own videos with the hope that they can help someone else realize that they aren’t alone. I  want to help someone accept themselves for who they are with whatever condition or struggles they may face. And I want to help someone face those struggles with optimism and with confidence.

And even if that someone is the only person I ever reach, I reached someone. And even if my videos get buried under all the other videos, they are somewhere. And even if all I do is spread awareness to 5 people, I did something. And that’s better than no one, and nowhere, and nothing. 

And come on! Intestines are way more interesting than diy mermaid toast! (It’s a thing. I’ve seen the video, and it looked awesome. But not as awesome as a terminal illium.) 

So, please visit my channel, even if you don’t “like” my videos, and please share them with anyone and everyone who you feel could benefit from my rambling. Because I know that there are people out there who can. 

If you are interested, and I know you are, please click the link here!

You can find more information on my Youtube Page!

Now, about that cereal…

2 thoughts on “I Made A Youtube Channel! (And you should subscribe too it)

  1. I love the video idea…especially the first one about giving yourself your injections. i love how when you couldn’t find the resource you wanted, you made it yourself…and I love you.


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