IBD is just a donut

SONY DSCIf you live with Crohn’s, Colitis, or any other illness, you’ve probably been given a complex explanation of what your condition is. But do you really know what’s going on inside your body? And if the answer is yes, do you really think your friends would understand if you tried to teach them? Sadly, most people don’t have a clue what IBD is, and trying to explain it to them without getting caught up in a bunch of medical jargon is extremely difficult, especially if you don’t fully understand it yourself. So rather than try to mimic a biology professor, I decided to come up with a simple, understandable way to explain what IBD really is in an entertaining way. I’ll give you a hint: it involves donuts.
So, here we go:

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Prep for Success: IBD Essentials to keep at school

This is the first of many education-themed posts I plan to create. Please share any suggestions and/or ideas for future topics you would like to see here!


With school starting just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to make your backpack or locker functional for both your academic and medical needs. So, first things first: Continue reading

Yeah, IBD sucks. But life doesn’t have to.

everyone-has-a-choiceWe all have those days. Those days, when, even when we do everything right, things still manage to go wrong. For the chronically ill, those days are especially hard. Because on those days, even if we take all of our pills, do all of our shots, eat all of the right foods, and try extra hard to control our symptoms, we still feel like crap (no pun intended). And that sucks.

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Five Fast Tips: how to pack with IBD

1280px-minimalist_packing_listWith summer finally here, I thought I’d share a few ideas of how to pack for vacation with IBD. This is the first post in my “Five Fast Tips” series, a collection of easy short-cuts and tricks especially helpful to those with IBD. 

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Take Steps: Why I walk, and how you can, too!

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The CCFA’s TakeSteps walks are by far the nation’s biggest IBD events of the year. Through these walks, funds are raised, awareness is spread, and most importantly, support for an otherwise hidden disease is provided for millions of American’s who thought they were fighting alone. Continue reading

Pain: It’s not a competition.

5998567606_e72cf3dbde_bPerson 1: “Sorry, I have to cancel plans tonight. I’m not feeling very well.”

Person 2: “That’s okay. But one time, I had the flu and a cold and I still came in 5th in a 5k.”


Person 1: “Could you do _____ for me? I have a horrible stomach ache.”

Person 2: “Fine. but come on! I have horrible stomach aches every single day, and I still do stuff.”


“Ow! I just got a flu shot and it hurts sooo bad!”

“Seriously! I give myself shots, like, twice a week, and I don’t even flinch!

or, my personal favorite:

Person 1: “Ouch! My knee hurts so bad! I don’t think I can keep running.”

Person 2: “Same! But I have, like, a suuuper high pain tolerance, so I’m totally fine.” 

The above conversations represent something we all know is wrong, but nearly impossible to avoid: competitive pain. While the above scenarios are made up stories, these types of thing happen all the time in the real world, and I have to say I have been on both sides of the conversation a fair number of times. Although context varies and the words used are different, one thing stays the same: Person 1 is experessing pain and asking for help. And, rather than be supportive and understanding, Person 2 comes in gearing everything towards his/herself and makes Person 1 feel badly for not being “tough” enough.  Continue reading

It’s almost World IBD Day – Why aren’t we celebrating?!?

pexels-photo-234196May 19, 2017, is a big day in the IBD community. It’s a day where 38 countries from 4 different continents come together to raise awareness. There are fundraisers. Walks. Events. Obnoxious purple lights. Because it’s World IBD Day

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Seriously? Why do you care so much about this random day? Nobody even knows it exists. Stop being so dramatic!”

But that’s exactly what I’m getting at; if nobody knows it exists, how can we raise awareness? If nobody knows, then they can’t possibly care, and if nobody cares, then how can we fund research? Continue reading

Looks aren’t anything

A short  post addressing where we go wrong in empathizing with others, and how we can learn from our mistakes. 


Wow! You look soooo good! It’s so great to see you feeling better.

Woah, woah, woah. How do you know how I feel? Sure, I may be wearing something other than sweatpants, have a braid in my hair, and a smile on my face. I might seem alert and energetic and there might not be bags under my eyes. But it doesn’t have anything to do with how I feel. Sadly, few realize that someone’s appearance has no connection to how they feel. It’s snap judgments like these that annoy me the most. Because one things for certain, whether we like it or not:  Continue reading

The top 10 misconceptions about Crohn’s Disease that make me want to scream!

Crohn’s disease tends to get a bad rap. Like really bad. Like don’t talk about that it’s gross and creepy bad. People think those who have it (like me!) are some kind of alien bathroom cult that leave a trail of contaminated toilet paper wherever we go. That our stomachs “hurt” sometimes, and that we’re just trying to be annoying by bringing our own food to events. But you know what? We’re not. We are students, teachers, siblings, friends, parents, coaches, artists, and musicians. We are people with a complicated chronic disease, not just exaggerating toilet users. Continue reading