Food, Glorious Food!

Please note that this is part TWO of my “series” on diet and IBD. Part one (click here) about body image, part two (this) is about food/diet, and part three is a mix up/wrap up of both. I am also working on an entire recipe/food tips section for this blog that will end up containing 5-10 different pages. I am SUPER EXCITED about releasing it, but it won’t be up for a few weeks/months because I want it to be as awesome as possible. For now, I’ve included a little sneak peek at the bottom of this article. Happy reading!


Food is all around us. Whether it’s in our hands, at a snack shop down the street, or on a giant billboard next to a creepy person smiling (I mean, nobody gets that excited about canned freshwater tuna, right?) Food. Is. Everywhere. Now, it’s not just about the food itself. Going out to eat is a great way to see friends. Most holidays have at least some food involved. (And if you’re anything like my family, ALL holidays have TONS of food involved!) Cooking is a hobby many people enjoy (or don’t, if you happen to be cooking for a crazy family who doesn’t agree on anything!…Sorry mom 😆 ). What I’m trying to say is that food is a HUGE part of society. It’s literally everywhere. Yummy, right? Continue reading “Food, Glorious Food!”

Skinny isn’t Always Better – Body Image and IBD

246971990_18454673be*Please note that this is part one of a three part “series” on diet, body image, and IBD. This post focuses mainly on body image, and the next two will have more to do about food/recipes. 

Some say this:

“Look at her. She is sooo skinny. She probably never eats.”

“You never eat anything! Do you have, like, an eating disorder or something? You know it’s not good to be that skinny.”

“Why are you so skinny? You need to eat more!”

“Just eat more!”

“Just eat more!”

“Just eat more!”

But others say this:

“You’re leg is like half the size of mine! I wish I was that skinny!”

“You’re so lucky that you can eat junk food and be so thin. I wish I had your disease!”

“You have to gain weight? I wish I had that problem!”

“Wow! You look so good!”

These are the unspoken thoughts that make me want to hide. The comments that make me want to scream. The knowing looks that make it nearly impossible to feel good about myself in a society that’s obsessed with how much we weigh. 

Crohn’s Disease causes many people, especially kids, to have a hard time putting on and maintaining a healthy weight. Now, while this isn’t an issue all IBD patients suffer from, I find it vital that everybody acknowledges it, as myself and others face it on a daily basis. It’s a simple problem, but it’s one few people can truly understand.

According to science (as in doctors), for someone of my age, my height, and my gender, I am very underweight. Yet society thinks I have the ideal body. How can this be? Continue reading “Skinny isn’t Always Better – Body Image and IBD”