It’s almost World IBD Day – Why aren’t we celebrating?!?

pexels-photo-234196May 19, 2017, is a big day in the IBD community. It’s a day where 38 countries from 4 different continents come together to raise awareness. There are fundraisers. Walks. Events. Obnoxious purple lights. Because it’s World IBD Day

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Seriously? Why do you care so much about this random day? Nobody even knows it exists. Stop being so dramatic!”

But that’s exactly what I’m getting at; if nobody knows it exists, how can we raise awareness? If nobody knows, then they can’t possibly care, and if nobody cares, then how can we fund research? Continue reading

Why Me? It doesn’t matter.

14750882233_cf43e135b9_bOften times, the first thing we think when given the diagnosis of a chronic, incurable, and needy disease is “Why me.” We want to know how whatever it is that we have got there. Sure, there are genetic factors. Sure, there are environmental factors. But in that very first moment when you feel like your world has been smushed and cracked open and flipped upside down, it’s not a question of “why me”, but “why me.” We want to know why we, out of all people, became the “lucky winners.” Honestly, there isn’t really a real answer to this question. But for the person who’s asking the question, no answer is not an option. They want an answer, and they want it now. So, here’s my answer: Continue reading

Embracing Vs. Defining – How to accept IBD without letting it rule your life


Those of us with Crohn’s disease are often told that because our condition is incurable, we need to “accept it as a part of life” and “just live with it”. On the other hand, we are also told that we can’t let our disease define us, or “win”. Separated, these phrases are valuable pieces of advice and can inspire us to find happiness even when we feel sick. I mean, who doesn’t feel a burst of inspiration when they’re told “be a fighter!”? However, when read one after the other, these “words of wisdom” completely contradict each other. How are we supposed to accept Crohn’s as part of our lives but not let it “beat” us? Continue reading