You aren’t what hurts you

We all experience pain. Physical, emotional, mild, severe, acute, chronic- regardless of the type, it hurts.

And when you spend most of the time in pain or thinking about it, it’s hard to remember that the hurt you feel does not take over the person you are.

Some people like to say that their pain is a part of them. But this only provides an illusion of control. Because if you let your illness, your trauma, or your suffering have one piece of your identity, it will find a way to take more, and this only makes it harder to deal with.

Pain is a feeling; not a personality trait. It changes the way we experience life, but it doesn’t define who we are.

Yes, pain can ruin your sleep and make it hard to get things done. It can zap your energy and your motivation. But feeling pain also teaches you empathy, patience, and strength. It can introduce you to new people and new things.

Being in pain is exhausting. It’s distracting. It’s uncomfortable and it’s unfair and it’s hard. But you can be in pain and still have a favorite tv show. You can still have talents and hobbies. You can still have friends, and make plans, and have fun. You can still have ambitions and set goals. You can still be you. Because while pain changes how you feel and how you think, it isn’t who you are.

You are strong, you are brave, and you are capable, even when all you feel is pain. Because you aren’t what hurts you.

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