“Livin’ the Crohn’s Life” – Blog Logistics


Hi! Welcome to my blog! Seeing as this is my first official “post”, I want to explain what my blog is for and how I plan to use it, as well as some sneak-peeks for future topics. I blog about anything and everything Crohn’s – and it’s all from the perspective of a kid/teen. It is my hope that this blog will help others like me overcome the challenges of IBD with fun, positivity, and self confidence. I will try my best to post every other week, if not weekly, but as you know, sometimes life gets complicated :). If I “fall behind”, I’ll try to add in a few bonus posts later on, and I will still be updating my IBD Extras page every Saturday even if I don’t blog that week.Please follow my blog to help me raise IBD awareness and gain support! I have attached a list of topics I am going to write about in the future, but I’m sure I will change some things before then. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment with any post topics/ideas you would like to see here!

Sneak-peek of future post topics:

I look forward to developing this blog into something that all kids/teens with Crohn’s can depend on! Help me spread IBD awareness by sharing this with others!


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