1024px-wikibooks_library_icon_computer-svgThis page contains helpful resources for Crohn’s patients and their families, or those who just want to learn more about IBD. Please let me know if there is something helpful you’ve found that isn’t up here.

The CCFA (link below) is an amazing organization and has tons of great information for kids/teens with IBD and their families. Click the link below to view their resources or enter the words “kids”, “teens”, or a specific topic into the search box for thousands of related articles!

Additional resources: (The CCFA website is awesome, but it can be a little overwhelming! Check out some of these resources as well for quality information and support) :

For kids:

For teens:

Helpful research reminders/tips: 1024px-notepad_icon-svg1

Keep in mind that many informational articles describing Crohn’s tend to make it seem like it’s this horrible, all consuming condition that will cause all types of complications. While IBD does require special care and treatment, you have to remember that just because something could happen to you, it doesn’t mean that it will. Most people tend to give Crohn’s a “bad rap” because it is a lifelong condition. However, that doesn’t mean IBD will ruin your life; it just means that you require care and treatment that a typical doctor might not offer. There are TONS of articles out there saying “never try this treatment” or “this medicine is horrible!”, but that doesn’t mean your doctor is giving you the “wrong stuff.” What works for you might not work for others, and the same is true the other way around.

In addition, while it is great to be informed and stay on top of IBD news, sometimes researching too much can cause you to become even more confused and lost in “Crohn’s world.” Here are some strategies to prevent yourself from going “too far”: If you have a question that isn’t urgent (call your doctor if is), look it up on the internet and try to find a reliable source like CCFA or a well-known hospital. If they have an answer, read it but be sure to ask your doctor/nurse before trying any of the suggested “remedies” (if there are any). If they don’t have an answer, write it down and ask your doctor later on as well. Try to avoid personal stories/forums (for questions; they can be helpful if you’re just looking around), because you don’t know who’s posting the information  and it could be outdated or made up. 

Please use these reminders/tips to help you learn about IBD in a safe and easy way. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions by leaving a comment below or contacting me!

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