Hi! I’m Becky, and I’ve created the blog “Livin’ The Crohn’s Life” for kids and teens just like me who are living with IBD, specifically Crohn’s Disease. This site was developed for the purpose of learning about, managing, and spreading awareness of our condition with humor and confidence. While there are thousands of published books, articles, and websites about Crohn’s disease, not a single one of them are written by kids, for kids, and about kids, making it extremely hard for kids and teens like me to find information about our condition that pertains to our lives. After waiting far too long for someone my age with my disease to publish something about IBD that made me feel good; not sad, disgusted, or freaked out about Crohn’s, I decided it was time I did something about it. So I created this blog!

“Livin’ The Crohn’s Life” is a place for kids and teens (and even adults!) just like me to learn about IBD and find effective coping strategies in a way that is funny, informative, and relevant to today’s society. Sure, WebMD and MayoClinic can tell you that yes, Crohn’s does exist, yes, the symptoms suck, yes, you’ll probably take more medicine than you knew existed, and yes, there is no cure. However, they won’t tell you what to say to your friends, how to deal with social issues, how to listen to your body, or how to have fun even when you feel like a turtle with four broken legs who’s trying to walk through an ocean of marshmallow fluff. Luckily for you, I hope that this site will answer your questions, show you that you’re not alone, and most importantly prove to you that as cheesy and pathetic as it sounds, there is a bright side to all of this. (And yes, believe it or not, your incurable, poop-filled autoimmune disease does, in fact, have some perks. you can visit my about me page for examples.)

Whether you were diagnosed with Crohn’s 5 minutes ago or 15 years ago, I want you to know that this is for you. With this site, I hope provide you with relevant information about IBD and help you overcome the struggles of Crohn’s disease with confidence and optimism. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, feedback, or questions! I also post videos on YouTube, so if you can’t get enough of me here, be sure to check it out!

16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. You are such a remarkable young lady. Not surprised you are concerned about helping others navigate Crohns. ❤️G


  2. Becky this is AMAZING! So so proud of you. You are truly a role model for me and the many others that you are helping with this blog. Never change!❤️


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