These recipes and food tips were created entirely by me! Click one of the categories below to find recipes and substitution tips that cater to all IBD dietary needs. For now, most of my recipes are smoothies/shakes, but I look forward to adding “real food” soon. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see here that isn’t available at the moment! I would love to hear about your own tips and recipes!

I’ll try update each category about once a month, so check for new additions! Also, although my recipes/tips are split up by dietary needs, feel free to check out each separate page as well; just because you don’t have a certain issue doesn’t mean you can’t use those recipes!

My recipe/tips pages (linked):

  • Weight gain/high calorie recipes 
  • substitutions (foods to replace things you can’t eat)
  • non-dairy/vegan (coming soon!)
  • low fiber (coming soon!)
  • frozen treats (dairy and non-dairy) (coming soon!)
  • protein-packed (coming soon!)
  • food Q&A (coming soon! I need your questions before I start this!)
  • + much more! Let me know if you have suggestions!