How to Not “Forget” to Take Your Medicine

Never take this many pills at once!

This is going to be PART 1 of another blog “series,” but this one is all about the importance of medicine/treatment with IBD and ways to comply with it. I’m not sure when I will write part 2 because there are so many other things I want to touch on. Please let me know what other topics interest you so that I can answer your questions and/or talk about things you are intrigued by! Happy reading! Continue reading “How to Not “Forget” to Take Your Medicine”

“Healthy” Living with IBD

pvmp_plan_premium_vegetarian_meal_planSo, it’s finally here! Part three of my food/body image/other stuff series. Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile (aka 2 weeks). Anyway, this post is going to wrap up the two previous topics into one magical IBD-Food-Body image thing… The other two posts are linked at the bottom of this page if you missed them. Continue reading ““Healthy” Living with IBD”